Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers 2

To explain how I feel, I have to mention that I went into this movie with a limited set of expectations. I thought to myself, "I'm going to be watching a Michael Bay movie, so let me think of this like.... a Michael Bay movie." I already knew it was going to be bad. I knew Revenge of the Fallen would mostly be explosions with characters screaming "BITCH" and "SHIT" and "FIRE." It's a shame that when it comes to certain directors, I first rate the film as 'good' or 'bad' and if it were bad (i.e.) then I determine if it is a 'good-bad' movie or a 'bad-bad' movie. As you'll eventually see, I did the same with Public Enemies (the reason I found myself critical of the movie was because I was evaluating it as a 'good' movie but when it comes to Michael Mann, I have to then think of "how good"). If I'm not making any sense then I apologize, I did just sit through Transformers: Corny Subtitle, a film with a very loopy plot and made with horrible production values albeit the CGI.

As I speak at this very moment, the film is raking in millions at the box office because the inner child in all of us wants to escape to a land of "coolness." Consider this our generation's Godzilla, everything is just too damn "cool" that no one bothers to evaluate the movie past the gigantic eye-popping special effects that attempt to remove you from the world you know. Transformers 2 achieves this for two very long hours and because the action scenes are so audacious, it makes the more quiet moments feel that much more prolonged. Of course I'm mincing my words, because this film did not make me as angry as I expected it to. Yes the acting is horrible, the story is horrible, and there is no development with anyone or anything. As poor of an execution in filmmaking this movie is, I can't help but not care. It's great that guys like Roger Ebert and co. are calling out Mr. Bay for polluting the market, but there really isn't a response to this film of his that I wouldn't have given the others, except for maybe The Rock because that at least had Sean Connery (this film does at least have Megan Fox... but I like her for different reasons). Instead this film has an Autobot named Jetfire with an aluminum beard. Oh, and if this is an advanced robotic alien race from the stars, why do the two mentally deficient robots speak jive?

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