Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Three Musketeers

I wouldn't mind a new The Three Musketeers movie every couple of years. I like the story to the classic  novel by Alexandre Dumas enough that I kind of treat it as a sort of play that I don't mind seeing different actors inhabit these characters and different directors putting a new spin on the mythology. I enjoyed the Richard Lester films for their fun-swashbuckling nature and when I was younger I was into  some of the ideas and elements that the 90s Disney version had despite it just being another cash cow (and then there are adaptations of The Man in the Iron Mask...), but when I heard about Paul W.S. Anderson attempting a new adaptation with such a talented cast, I was hoping he would stay away from the visual effects extravaganzas of his Resident Evil movies and instead just create a good ol' fashioned family-friendly adventure.

Instead this is blockbuster schtick at its worst (or best depending on how you look at it). Watching this in 2D made me realize that I probably should've seen this in 3D in a theater because that is all this movie seems to have going for it- special effects that are staged in a way to help glorify 3D camerawork. Then again, I'd still view the 3D as a gimmick because it would only be used to create some cheap thrills in a movie with such scene-chewing and over-acting and all around hamminess that no amount of clever aesthetics could save it.

Also, however did the the Razzies overlook Eddie Fox for his portrayal of the King makes no sense. I probably should've hated some of the other characters more, but King Louis is by far the most annoying character on screen this year.

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