Monday, June 29, 2009

Dance Flick

Whatever you do, don't panic, I did not pay a penny for this movie. Now that you've all breathed a sigh of relief, I bet you are wondering 'why and how did you see this movie?' Well as for the how, lets just say that I got bored one night and some websites that I frequent just happen to offer some viewing options (notice I did not say "I illegally downloaded Dance Flick," because I *cough*gag* swear I didn't *fingers crossed*). But back to the 'why." I personally think one needs to watch shit to put things in perspective. I'd be praising every movie to kingdom-come if I didn't raise my standards by observing what uses the cinema as an art-form versus what is done to clearly make money. I have a feeling I'll be watching just as shitty movies with Land of the Lost and Year One but I'll try not to get too angry with the gimmicky stuff (I'm saving my anger for Michael Bay's new movie). Man, remember when spoof movies used to be good (Airplane anyone?). Then Jason and Aaron whatever their names came along and helped to continue with the eventual bastardization of the genre. The Zuckers even screwed up, I mean ever see their Scary Movie installments? It consisted of poo jokes and bumping one's head at a constant rate of twice per minute. Dance Flick surprisingly has SOME thoughtful lines, most of which were featured in the trailer, and no I'm not being kind, I was actually surprised that the Wayans could get a chuckle out of me. Then again, a majority of the humor is stupid and it preys on the typical racial stereotypes to such a level that I could probably finish the joke before they start it thanks to two years of watching Dave Chappelle. But there isn't anything to get angry about when you seem to know that film stopped trying to be classy entertainment. The films that actually try and fail are probably going to involve twin robots that speak jive (and yes, I'm looking at you Revenge of the Fallen).

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