Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay, let me try to talk you all through the plot- a real estate agent (Diane Lane) happens to see a hitman (Mickey Rourke) kill someone. The real estate agent and her husband (Thomas Jane) go into the witness protection agency. Hitman then teams up with fellow assassin (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to kill real estate agent and husband. There is a hooker (Rosario Dawson) somewhere in there too. Now lets take the story and give it the quality of flair that you often see with direct-to-DVD releases. Oh, and pretend Mickey Rourke still did drugs and made bad movies. You then have Killshot. I was barely able to watch this all the way through. There is just nothing inspiring, motivational, and it lacks a central thrust to everything. The scenes just float by but this isn't a passive experience, you will be annoyed by the time you finish the film. The characters and their interactions with each other (especially the husband with the wife and the two killers with each other) have the validity of random pieces of cardboard cutouts trying to attach themselves to any humanistic quality that normal people would have. They just talk (or yell) and you question why are these poor souls putting up with all of this unnecessary tension. You can only tell if someone is happy or sad or angry or dumb or neurotic or psychotic (which is the entire range of emotion that is present here). This whole film is an exercise in hopelessness with no point or end in sight once you are twenty minutes in.

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