Saturday, June 27, 2009


Push is very much this year's Jumper. There are a group of characters that are running around with super-powers and the government (with Djimon Hounsou replacing Samuel L. Jackson) runs around and tries to capture our heroes. While Jumper was just about teleporting, Push is about moving things with your mind and seeing the future, kind of like the psychic powers of your typical X-Men character. Paul McGuigan (who also directed Lucky Number Slevin) and his cinematographer and production designer do have a bit of fun with the camera. We get to watch all of these cool effects against the back drop of a chaotically lit Hong Kong. The sights are all that seems to exist in this somewhat mindless sci-fi action film. There are no memorable characters and there just isn't much to care about. I can't be too harsh on the film because there really is nothing to be angry or fed up about. This is simply just a brief exercise in chaos that ultimately goes nowhere.

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