Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Drag Me To Hell

Nothing is more pleasant than a movie sneaking up on you and surprising you in terms of how good in quality the final product is. In fact, it was foolish of me to doubt Sam Raimi (especially in the genre that he is a master of) but the previews for the film weren't doing anything for me. I at first wasn't sure if the whole "girl is cursed because she forecloses on gypsy woman's house" plot wouldn't be feasible for a horror film. The second problem I had was with that Mac Guy, um I mean Justin Long, playing the boyfriend which looked like meaty dramatic role. Well, rest assured Justin Long absolutely surprised me, as did Alison Lohman in the main role of Christine Brown. You were able to see this in Where The Truth Lies but Lohman has this innocent blonde look about her, but she can turn into a geyser of emotion and feeling before you realize it. An actress like Lohman falls in with Naomi Watts and Rebecca Hall as ladies that Hitchcock would've loved if he was still alive. Drag Me To Hell is full of moments that will make you jump out of your seat but not disgust you, and I will confess that some of the horror is more on the silly-scary side ala The Evil Dead. But that's the point, this movie is going for the campy horror. With all the various ghouls and special effects that are trying to bring Christine Brown to hell, the fun of being scared never lets down (try not jolting back into your seat during the bedroom nightmare scenes). This is Raimi's own The Exorcist, and it demonstrates just how painfully underrated of a director he is.

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