Monday, June 29, 2009

Star Trek

For the eleventh Star Trek film, the franchise has seemingly been rebooted to tell the origin story of how Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) met on board the U.S.S. Enterprise. J.J. Abrams has found a clever way to take everything back to square one by setting this story in a different reality from the one that we knew, where the older Spock (Leonard Nimoy) fought to save the universe from the likes of the villainous Nero (the always intense Eric Bana). The prime appeals of Star Trek are here- there is an absolutely sci-fi influenced story, tongue in cheek humor, and special effects that just seem all so well choreographed alongside one of the most effective uses of camera lens flares that I've probably ever seen. The rest of the characters are all younger versions of the original crew. Anton Yelchin plays the always loyal Chekov who is just mastering the english language, John Cho plays the sword-fighting Sulu, Simon Pegg plays the giddy genius engineer Scotty even though he shows up a little late into the movie, Karl Urban plays the grumpy ship's doctor Bones McCoy, and Zoe Saldana plays Uhura who is the sexy love interest of Spock who still takes notice of Kirk. As you might guess the movie becomes a bit crowded at times but we should all be thankful that after the dull Wolverine, we now have an action film with both a heart and a mind (very much like the early episodes of Roddenberry's creation). And a cameo from someone who thankfully isn't William Shatner.

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